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We founded Global Sharing Program (GSP) to share goods with impoverished children and families in sub-Saharan Africa. We have been fortunate enough to obtain an education and live abroad and one thing we noticed in many developed countries is the amount of effects that gets thrown away every year, from clothes to food and even books. For that reason we decided to share these goods with those that are poverty stricken to give them an opportunity to meet their basic needs.
Poverty is one of the major problems in Africa. It is the leading cause of several dilemmas among which there are juvenile delinquency, malnutrition, burglary, sexually transmitted diseases and many others. This level of poverty can then be an obstacle to the development  of a country at every levels (health, economy, education etc.). This awakened in us a crucial concern which also lead to the creation of our NGO. The aim of GSP is to initially supply a variety of goods to citizen living in poverty especially children, in order to help  eradicate some of the scourges mentioned above. Furthermore, GSP would contribute to the empowerment of young adult in their various communities by implementing  training workshops and orientation based on the individual preference. Our motto "giving without borders" goes along with our goal to share resources across the world with those that were less fortunate. In fact we would like to forge strong bonds with other NGOs around the world with the same humanitarian purpose as us. We believe that together we can make an impact and change lives for the better; and this Change begins today. Be part of those who make this planet prosperous by contributing to our cause or donating. I look forward to continuing our work together as we strive to effect positive change on the lives of children and their families.

Thank you!


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