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Global Sharing Program (GSP) first activities in Côte d'Ivoire took place on the first week of July. GSP offered some refreshment to children and family living in poverty to in the city of Kolia in northern Côte d' Ivoire.

It was necessary for us to make these donations because family leaving in these communities do not have proper meals most of the times. On the first day we served 200 sandwiches and to our surprise, the next day we had more families waiting patiently to receive the food. We decided to double the number of refreshments to 400 sandwiches and hot drinks for the following days.

The second event was held Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 in Abidjan. GSP hosted a ceremony in which gifts were given to the orphans of the village SOS 32 d'Abobo, this ceremony was held in the presence of Mrs Trazere Celestine, the Vice President of the National Assembly and Deputy Issia and the co- founder and President of the NGO Miss Hafou Toure; without forgetting the children from the SOS village who took an active part in this ceremony.
During this ceremony GSP made a donation of 15 bags of rice which weighted 25 kilograms, 5 oil cans of 25 liters each, 10 boxes of pasta , two boxes of sugar , 1 box of milk, two boxes of towels, 1 box of bathrobes, 2 boxes of sheets, and 2 boxes of pillows.

 During the ceremony other members of GSP, including the President and the Secretary of Information and Communication, Makany Toure were eager to express their joy to be part of this wonderful event and be among the children of the village. GSP took the opportunity to pay a tribute to those who came up with the idea to create this village/orphanage, and also to the mothers who work every day to take care of those children's need.

 The director of the Village of the SOS Village d'Abobo Mr.kouassi Marthias, gave a moving speech on how thankful he was for everything GSP has done so far for the children and the community. The ceremony ended with a service of refreshments and grateful parting words from the Children of the SOS village. GSP promise to revisit the SOS village d'Abobo with more donations for the children.


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